1) Your eyes are any hint of warm not for me.你眼里的任何一丝温暖都不是为我而来的。

2) To look back, and saw one no longer young, never make public does not rise.再回首,看见自己不再韶华,再也张扬不起来。

3) As long as no death simply Fortunately.只要没死就还好

4) One person you loved is not love 万千宠爱也不及你一人疼爱

5) Love you more than myself 爱你胜过爱自己

6) North of the city to the north is not to miss .北城以北思念不归

7) Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind.青春不是一段年华,而是一种心境。

8) Do not let dream just be your dream. 别让梦想只停留在梦里。

9) Company is the most long love confession. 陪伴是最长情的告白

10) I don’t want to live without you.我的生命中不能没有你。

11) No one takes you as the world丶 没人把你当成全世界丶

12) Sometimes a winner is just a dreamer that never gives up. 有时候,成功者只是坚持梦想不放弃的人。

13) My grave is not short of you to burn incense.我的坟墓还不需要你来上香。

14) You will not be the same as I think you want me.你会不会像我想你一样的想我。

15) 让我来当你的谁 let me am your whoever

16) Bitch is affectedly unconventional 婊子就是矫情

17) Each piece of the young will be old 每段年少都会苍老。

18) Learn to sorrow blind eye。学会熟视无睹对于悲伤。

19) ∝ One life one love 一生一爱

20) No te entristezcas, to quiero. 别伤心,我爱你