No good chain can tie a running dog.


Forget the sour smell of love. You just need to remember the fragrance of money.


I don’t expect life to be smooth, but I want to be accompanied by all the ups and downs.


Laziness ruins your figure. Laziness ruins your dreams.


Don’t bet on providence, don’t guess the hearts of people, Providence can’t bet, the hearts of people can’t guess.


Don’t covet meaningless people or things. How can you pick up gifts with garbage?


Commitment, like farting, was earth-shaking at that time, and then pale and powerless.


Money can cure all affectations, money can cure all inferiority.


Either beautiful or wise. If you don’t have the absolute advantage of either, please be kind to others.


Money in your pocket is the least sentimental, and fat on your body is the most persistent.


Smart people have sweet mouths, disgusting people can act, and you can’t do anything, so you can only be deceived.


All over is thorn, others will take care of your feelings. You are soft. Everyone wants to rub it. How comfortable it is.


Take my enthusiasm as water, and there will always be a day when you burn your tongue.


It’s time to go, it’s time to stay, it’s not time to insist; it’s time to eat, it’s time to drink, it’s time to break things.


Once a sensible person does not cooperate, he will be said to have no conscience, and a wayward person will be praised once he is slightly clever.


Don’t blame others for judging people by their appearance. After all, the heart is too far away and the face is in front of you.


The result of the revival of old love is to repeat the same mistake. The end of self-indulgence is self-humiliation.


Don’t worry about the things you can’t get, keep away from the things with negative energy, and life is no worse than storms, so don’t grieve for your followers any more.


Time will save you enough disappointment and tell you not to be thankful.


Everyone is a self-conscious clay bodhisattva. Don’t expect anyone to help you cross the river.


Life is not too long, do what you like, don’t look forward to anyone anymore, love is a fart, making a fortune is the most important thing.


Dignity is something you have to have the strength to defend, otherwise, it’s a matter of face and suffering.


I would rather mouldy proudly than fall in love wrongly. I wish you all a long life. I want to keep my black hair flowing forever.


I don’t have a sense of belonging, and it’s hard to believe in a person from the bottom of my heart. But when people are alive, they have to believe something. I have to believe in money.


Many people say that marriage is the grave of love, but love that can be buried in the earth is better than that on the streets of murderers.


Put away your cowardice, show your domineering, when you fall, nobody helps you, mostly people who see your jokes.


This short life, we will eventually lose, you might as well be bold. Love a person, climb a mountain, chase a dream.


Don’t be embarrassed to refuse others. Anyway, those who are embarrassed are not good people.


Being warm is hot, being cold is ice, please forgive my life love hate is not clever.


To be a difficult person, to enjoy to the full to the loathsome person, open and aboveboard to like the person to say love words, would rather live a few years, just want to be happy.